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Rightsizing Testimonials

Hear what Dr. Mary Barnes says about working with me

There's no one who works harder than Suzanne, no one I'd rather have in my house or garden.  She is that rare person who understands almost immediately what your needs are and with grace and patience, she helps you get where you want to go.  I trust her to do what's best for me and my husband.  She's warm, bright, diligent, and respectful, a part of our caring family without the complications of a blood relation.  She's also careful to never intrude on your space, to always confirm through consultation that she's doing what you want her to do.  I recommend her without reservation.  

Lorna Crozier, Officer of the Order of Canada; professor emerita, University of Victoria

Jim Goff & Pamela Lane strongly recommend Suzanne Clary for her professional knowledge and skill in sorting the contents of an estate.  We could not have done the job of clearing out my father’s house so quickly and smoothly without her help.  Suzanne guided us as to what to keep and what to send to charities or for recycling at Hartland.  

Jim Goff, past president of SKAL Club of Victoria; past president of Kiwanis Victoria; past president of Sunrise Holidays Travel Wholesale

I retained Suzanne Clary a couple of years ago to help me declutter a basement that I had used as my “catch-all” for several years.  This was at a time in my life when I was quite fragile emotionally, having been widowed the year before.  Suzanne and her colleague helped me wade through the accumulated ‘stuff of my life’.  With genuine sensitivity, counter-balanced with the purposefulness necessary to help me move from feeling stuck, Suzanne helped me work my way through an emotional minefield of memorabilia and junk that was long past its “best by” date.  I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who is in need of rightsizing.

Doug Kerr, instructor, Royal Roads University

When we bought a new condo we had to move out of our old one very quickly, and fortunately were connected with Suzanne Clary through a friend.  Suzanne was a godsend as my wife has a quite large collection of heavy books, fabrics, and sewing supplies. Suzanne made the move not only possible, but very pleasant, as she is very energetic, well organized, and a delight to work with.  All the boxes (well over 100) were carefully labelled so the movers could put them into the correct rooms in our new and larger condo.  I recommend Suzanne very highly.  We couldn’t have survived without her.

William Barnes, professor emeritus, UBC

Suzanne was a “lifeline” in the big transition of moving across the country.  She made preparation for the move as easy as it could be and even quite enjoyable at times.  Her kindness, dependability, and clarity, “what to do and when” helped me make better decisions and settled my heart/mind.    

Catherine Landry, art therapist

Suzanne was an angel in disguise.  Her help and support for getting ready to move back to the States was exceptional. Suzanne was able to direct me, very sensitively, around what I really wanted to keep and what I was needing to let go.  She is organized, hard working, came with supplies, and made a very difficult transition easier. She even handled what needed to be sold or donated.  I was so grateful to her and highly recommend her to anyone needing to downsize and organize a move. 

Zoe Garcia, registered psychologist